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Welcome to KEV University! The content on this page will help you master your accounting modules and school store modules. There are several types of learning available: choose filters below to show/hide the content best suited for you.

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The training content is organized into categories.

SchoolCash Accounting
SchoolFunds Online
SchoolCash Online

SchoolCash Accounting helps you manage your school finances and automates the manual accounting tasks that school bookkeepers perform regularly.

Overview of SchoolCash Accounting

Are you new to SchoolCash Accounting? Get an introduction to the application and learn some foundational concepts before learning how to perform specific tasks.

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Issuing Checks

With the Issue Checks – Disbursements module in SchoolCash Accounting, you create checks to pay off expenses incurred by your school. Learn how to issue and manage checks under various scenarios, as well as print checks and post them to the ledger.

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Handling Deposits

You use the Deposits/Receipts module in SchoolCash Accounting to record the money received for school activities. Learn how to record bank deposits, print deposit slips and statements, and add deposits to the ledger.

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Other Topics

Expand your knowledge of SchoolCash Accounting and learn about the Ledger module, reporting, and bank reconciliations. This section also includes training on non-sufficient funds (NSF) checks and how to transfer funds.

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SchoolFunds Online is designed to automate the tracking of any funds collected and disbursed at the school level. It is a comprehensive accounting system engineered to meet the needs of the dynamic school financial environment.

Overview of SchoolFunds Online

Are you new to SchoolFunds Online? Get an introduction to the application and learn some foundational concepts before learning how to perform specific tasks.

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Working with Purchase Orders

A Purchase Order is a document used to record prior approval of an expenditure, and to reserve the funds needed for that expenditure. Before consuming any materials in this section, ensure that your district is using purchase orders.

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Issuing Checks

You use the Checks menu in SchoolFunds Online to issue checks to pay off expenses incurred by your school. Learn how to create checks and then follow the 3 Ps: preview, print, and post.

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Handling Receipts

Money that is received for school activities is recorded through the Receipts menu in SchoolFunds Online. Learn how to process receipts, post deposits, and work with associated reports and registers.

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Other Topics for SchoolFunds Online

Expand your knowledge of SchoolFunds Online and learn about bank reconciliations, reports, and other helpful topics.

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Several KEV applications, including SchoolCash Online, SchoolCash Catalog, and SchoolCash Register, work together to provide the functionality for your school store.

Overview of SchoolCash Online

It's important to understand how to market your school store to teachers, parents, and the school community. You can also learn what it is like for parents to purchase items through SchoolCash Online.

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SchoolCash Catalog

SchoolCash Catalog is the application that school bookkeepers use to create items for online purchase. Learn how to create both basic and more complex items, and how to take advantage of built-in reports that can help you manage your school's catalog.

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SchoolCash Register

SchoolCash Register is a virtual point-of-sale solution that tracks in-school payments. You use SchoolCash Register when parents do not pay online. Learn how to manage transactions, close out the register, and complete a register bank deposit.

Note: The videos in this section begin by showing how to access the Register from SchoolFunds Online; if you use SchoolCash Accounting instead, the process is very similar—simply navigate to the SchoolCash Register from the SchoolCash Accounting main page, and follow the same steps.

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SchoolCash Group Collections

The Group Collection feature lets a teacher or school bookkeeper record payments from an entire homeroom or group at one time. Learn how to create, process, and deposit group collections.

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