This page provides instructions and suggestions for increasing your adoption (parent sign-up rates) and usage (percentage of payments made online). Click the Personalize icon on the right to update the examples on this page to be specific to your district.

Adoption tips
Usage tips

Communicate with school staff

SchoolCash Online offers so many benefits to school staff: decreasing cash in the school saves time and reduces risk. Talk to your colleagues about the benefits.

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Tell parents about SchoolCash Online

For parents to sign up for a SchoolCash Online account, you need to tell them about it!

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Website Must-Haves

Tell parents about SchoolCash Online on the district and school websites. Include the same content in both locations so that parents can find the link to SchoolCash Online no matter where they look.

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Create items

KEV has several resources to help you create items in your SchoolCash Catalog.

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Make use of Item/Fee Templates

Item/fee templates are built into the Catalog to help office staff create catalog items quickly.

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Ask KEV to turn on Auto-Subscribe

KEV provides an optional feature that enables the SchoolCash system to send automated emails to your Primary Guardian email addresses. Clients who turn on Auto-Subscribe tend to see a significant jump in parent sign-up rates.

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