This page provides links to various KEV Client Success web pages that help you understand how to benefit fully in using the KEV SchoolCash Suite. Click a button below to jump to the corresponding page.

Understanding how SchoolCash Online works

Introduction to SchoolCash Online

Description: Explains what SchoolCash Online is and how it works, both from a staff and parent perspective. It should take between 15 and 20 minutes to move through the content.

Target Audience: Principals, school office staff, and coaches or club leaders

Useful when: Your district is rolling out SchoolCash Online for the first time, or you have new school staff who need to understand how cashless payments can work.

Getting the word out about SchoolCash Online to staff and parents

Tips for increasing parent use of SchoolCash Online

Description: Provides instructions for three ways to increase parent sign-up rates and three ways to go cashless. It provides downloadable and copy/paste-able sample material.

Target Audience: School office staff and communications staff

Useful when: Your staff needs simple techniques for going cashless.

District Resource Checklist

Description: Log in to this page to access dozens of resources to tell staff and tell parents about SchoolCash Online. This page is a much more comprehensive version of the Tips page noted above.

Target Audience: Staff responsible for communicating with staff/parents about SchoolCash online

Useful when: You need ready-to-use, downloadable & copy/paste-able newsletter content, email content, posters, and ideas about promoting cashless payments.

QR Code Generator

Description: Use this page to generate a QR code for printed material. The QR code can jump to either the district SchoolCash Online page, or to a custom link (e.g., directly to a Public item in your SchoolCash Online Catalog).

Target Audience: School office staff

Useful when: You want to give parents an ultra-quick way of launching SchoolCash Online on their phone when perusing a printed newsletter or poster.

Continued Learning

Refresher Videos

Description: Use this page to refresh your knowledge on core concepts. Topics include creating and attaching items, working with groups, refunding purchases, and working with your Clover devices.

Target Audience: School office staff

Useful when: New staff in the school office need to review basic concepts.

KEV University

Description: Sign up for a subscription to KEV University, which lets you access interactive e-learning, videos, instructor-led training, and other resources to help you build skills and confidence with your KEV application.

Target Audience: The sign-up process should be managed by District staff. Both district and school staff can benefit from the KEV University content.

Useful when: New staff require full training.

Additional Resources

SIS File Validator

Description: KEV requires information from your Student Information System (SIS) in a particular format. The SIS File Validator tool provides instructions and lets you validate your student information file before sending it to us.

Target Audience: Staff responsible for preparing SIS data extracts

Useful when: You're about to send KEV Group an updated SIS data extract